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A praise for Sally Soames, a rumour on Reylo, a prank for David Cameron, a manga for Skywalker

October 2019 witnesses the passing of Sally Soames, the Fleet Street photographer also famous for her portraiture on authors. She was an idol to many and definitely a hero to a few including us. Sad news aside, we’re pleased to discover that at least a fictional hero, Luke Skywalker, finally gets a well-deserved manga. We can’t, however, share the same enthusiasm on David Cameron’s memoir. Read on.


Farewell, Sally Soames

Sally Soames, the famous British newspaper photographer, passed away on 5 October 2019. We deliberated on publishing an interview that our Creative Director once did with her several years ago, but we decided against it.

It was a phone interview. She told the Creative Director how she sat on Salman Rushdie’s lap to take his portraiture, the type of camera she used, the weight of it and so on.

We met her by chance. Many years ago, we came out of an event at the Guardian newspaper at King’s Cross and we chanced upon a photography exhibition in the ground floor. Curious, we peered from the outside. This lady approached us and invited us in.

It was Ms Soames herself. The show was a retrospective on her past works.

One of Soames’s celebrated works is her series of portraiture on writers. Available on Amazon.

This was around the time when we were building GLUE Studio, the publisher of Story Of Books. Our Creative Director was developing a photography workshop and the Editor was working at various creative agencies.

Manpower: Photographs by Sally Soames is available on Amazon.

Ms Soames had photographed many famous people – celebrities, politicians, designers, authors – as well as conflicts such as the Yom Kippur and the Iraq wars. One of her famous photography books is on writers.

She was described by the media as “fearless”. What we remembered of Sally Soames, however, was her generosity and kindness.

About Sally Soames


Luke Skywalker gets his own manga

This news has been going around on online forums for a bit but it is official: Luke Skywalker will get his own manga series in 2020.

Manga distributor and publisher Viz Media LLC will be overseeing the distribution. We are excited because we really would like to see how the illustrators interpret Star Wars.

Apart from Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we don’t get to see illustration being the main showcase in feature-length films. Maybe this will pave the way for a Star Wars anime, if not animation?


Reylo might be doomed

On the subject of online forums, please don’t believe leaks published on Reddit on Reylo, that romance phenomenon Star Wars fans are hoping will be realised in the final episode of the series.

We don’t want to spook you by saying they have got legs, but judging by the accuracy of the Reddit leaks stemming from Game Of Thrones, these sods might put a damper on our hopes for Ben Solo and Rey.


Cameron’s memoir gets a makeover

Heard about the new sleeves for David Cameron’s memoir, For The Record?

Some smart aleck replaced the sleeves of Cameron’s books at the bookshop Foyles, London, with a doctored image of the man and an updated blurb.

You can’t expect creatives not to be imaginative about Brexit.