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Good Omens 2: Michael Sheen plays the good guy and steals the thunder

We’ve been waiting for Good Omens Season 2 since Michael Sheen announced it at MCM Comic Con in October 2022. The beloved series is finally here. At the event, the award-winning actor gave fans more insight into the characters and the story behind the fantasy by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Michael Sheen has played quite a few memorable monsters. The ones that stuck in our minds are Lucian the werewolf in the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) and Aro the vampire in Twilight series (2008-2012). The former is a surprisingly romantic gothic lead. The latter is a ruthless killer.

He was also convincing in his portrayal of Tony Blair in The Queen (2006) and David Frost in Frost / Nixon (2008). He’s so good at playing controversial people.

Michael Sheen wowed the audience at MCM Comic Con 2022. Good Omens 2 was announced at that event, to fans’ delight. Image: Story Of Books

Fans at MCM Comic Con October 2022 flocked to the main auditorium to see this impressive award-winning Welsh actor discuss his fantasy films. We’d seen him doing a reading of Good Omens with David Tennant at the Southbank Centre in 2019. That event went down really well with fans. When Sheen announced the imminent arrival of Season 2 of Good Omens at MCM Comic Con in 2022, people in the audience went: “Yess!”.

Sheen said it was a joy to be back doing the second season of the show, based on the fantasy comedy by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. He said he read Good Omens whilst he was at drama school and that’s how he got into Gaiman and Pratchett’s works.

We remember Sheen saying in 2019 at the Southbank event that he wanted to go for the role of Crowley, the demon. That made sense because he was so good at portraying monsters. But he was given the role of the angel, Aziraphale, instead.

Aziraphale is endearing in a goody two-shoes way, with blond curly hair and gentle demeanour. Sheen pulled it off brilliantly. We almost couldn’t believe this was the same man that played Lucian the Lycan in the Underworld film.

Sheen told the audience that he approached Aziraphale “like a block of marble”. It was just there and he’d only needed to chip it off to reveal the character. He worked on it until something felt right. Sheen said they tried a few different things with the costume in the fitting room. The white trench coat was the look for Aziraphale.

Good Omens the book and the TV series left a huge impression on fans of Pratchett and Gaiman. Good Omens has helped them in some ways, he said.

When asked to explain the “bromance” between him and David Tennant, Sheen said he felt very lucky because they acted together in Bright Young Things (2003) before. It was through Good Omens that he slowly got to know each other whilst doing publicity together. They went for the same roles several times and they got to act opposite each other. Does David have any bad habits? “Too good to be true,” Sheen replied.

We admire the tenacity and discipline that Sheen has in bringing his roles to life and in promoting his works to his fans. Like at the Southbank Centre, he regaled the MCM Comic Con audience with funny anecdotes. He also gave them advice about acting.

The challenge with playing an angel is to discover what it takes to be good. Being good is undervalued.

Sheen told us about a theatre performance he did for one week at the Old Vic during lockdown. It was ticketed and the audience watched from home remotely. He was on stage but there was no audience present to gauge their reaction. It gave him the jitters just like in live performances but he pressed on with the play.

Sheen was asked about his approach in playing fantasy characters. He said with vampires, each actor delved into their own versions of vampires when playing them. Who can forget Sheen’s portrayal of Aro and that laughter that still goes viral until now? With the werewolves, he said that their appetite overtakes them. This reminds us of Lucian and his brute force energy. The challenge with playing an angel, on the other hand, is to discover what it takes to be good. Being good is undervalued, Sheen observed, and is seen to be weak. But actually it takes courage.

The Amazon TV series prolongs the story of Crowley and Aziraphale, to the delight of fans of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Image: ©Amazon

Sheen knew what he was talking about. The actor is known for his advocacy work for various NGOs including UNICEF. This year, a charity that he ran with two other volunteers raised over £110,000 for Welsh charities. Last year, he supported the End Youth Homelessness’ Christmas appeal. We hope Season 2 of Good Omens prolongs the story of Crowley and Aziraphale a bit longer for die-hard fans. If there’s no Season 3, then maybe a book? A graphic novel? Or an Audible production? We’re certainly grateful to the actors, including Sheen, for broadening these possibilities.

Good Omens Season 2 is on Prime Video on Amazon.

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