It took us some time to get here, but we’re finally here. We are at MCM Comic Con London 2021 to see heroes: the ones in capes and the ones without. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the unassailable, the indomitable and the ever hopeful creators and fans who’ve always believed in the magic of stories.

If this was a game, we would have scored top points

The entrance procedure of MCM Comic Con London 2021 is, in itself, a story. But with so many diverse visitors from all walks of life, the event organiser simply has to adhere to the safest, most reliable health and safety protocol in this time of Covid-19.

We’re glad to see familiar faces, but we also miss some old friends who are not taking part at the 2021 event. The creators we met on Day 1 at the Artist Alley spoke of relief and joy of being back at the show. You can read about them here but there will be more in-depth coverage to follow. In the meantime, enjoy our photo coverage, and don’t forget to follow the event at #MCMComicCon and #Storyofbooks.

Maybe we will see you on Sunday!

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