It’s great to see the winter edition of MCM Comic Con London back to its original form, with the participation of big brands alongside the indies. The special edition collectibles featured this year are impressive, perfect for the gifting season. We and other press people failed to locate the press office on Day 1, leaving us to conclude that the PR team, like God, is invisible and yet wish-granting. We hope that’s a compliment.

Fans and superfans

Pop culture is a powerful cultural commodity. Those who don’t really read the books but gripe on social media about the ‘diverse casting’ of Rings Of Power, Star Wars, House Of Dragons, The Sandman and so on know what they’re doing. They’re gatekeeping. The funny thing is, anime has done diversity in its stories for ages. You can also see that in the cosplayers at MCM Comic Con. We were only too pleased to bump into two lovely hijabi elves this year. Now where are the short-haired elves?

A showcase of collectibles

This year, we see more booths dedicated to premium merchandise such as collectible books, special edition luxury watches and trading cards. The wonderfully crafted illustrated books by The Folio Society simply blew us away. It’s not easy to illustrate seminal non-fiction works such as Silent Spring and A Brief History Of Time. Game Of Thrones fans will be pleased to know that they have illustrated editions of A Song Of Ice And Fire. Also, watch your wallet when you walk past the Citizen watch booth. You’ve been warned.

Storytellers: it’s show time!

We’re pleased to see creators such as Frisson Comics again at this London event. It’s a season of launches, as well. Today, we listened to Rob Wilkins, author and head of Terry Pratchett’s literary estate, talk about an upcoming book, Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes, and an animation film, The Amazing Maurice. We heard Travis Vengroff talk about his audio projects, The White Vault and Dark Dice, the latter a horror-themed Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

Story of Books at MCM Comic Con 2022