We hear from experts on how to be creative and funny in your stories. Other top tips: switch off your mobile phone and take up life drawing. Here’s a roundup of our first day at the MCM Comic Con London 2018.

Shades of Vengeance Presents: How To Be Creative

Leo Cosh (pictured left) and Ed Jowett, Shades Of Vengeance, gave an excellent masterclass on creativity. The audience loved it. Photo: © Story Of Books

The presentation by Ed Jowett and Leo Cosh on how to get creative is worthy of a media masterclass (and we’ve been to a few). The Shades of Vengeance duo gave useful insight on project paradigm in building games by explaining the discipline and methods taken to storyboard, create, test, edit and deploy a game. A  key advice from these masters of digital games: learn to switch off from the mobile phone or social media to spend time on your own creativity. If you are a high-level creative director in games, advertising, publishing and film-making familiar with theories but just want to get on and do things, this is the masterclass for you. Story of Books will write more on this in an upcoming feature.


Fantastically Funny: Humour in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Author Daniel Polansky (second from left) and participants at “Battle of the Sexes: Building Better Worlds”. In an earlier event, he and other panellists talked about humour, its attributes and application to storytelling. Photo: © Story Of Books

A panel of fantasy and sci-fi author explained the mechanics of humour and the strategy of humour in sci-fi and fantasy genres. A good insight on the social construction of humour, constraints within culture and editing, and the application of humour as a distancing mechanism for uncomfortable topics. Daniel Polansky, author, succinctly pointed out that “satire is not ha, ha funny” like a comedy. He should have lectured for an English Literature class. Saves us reading all those theory books on stylistics, rhetorics, mimesis and so on.


Tommy Yune

A master of his craft who is generous with his insights. The Creative Director of Story Of Books, a fan of Robotech since the 1980s, was mightily impressed with his Photoshop demo. So were the kids. Photo: © Story of Books

Tommy Yune really wowed audience at the Comic and Manga Workshop at the Creator Stage. It’s hard not to be inspired to create one’s own manga comic after seeing Yune parting useful tips on comic book publishing, from writing script to organising an efficient Photoshop workflow. He indulged the audience with a demo on how to illustrate a Robotech mecha and Speedracers characters. “Nothing substitutes a life drawing class,” he said. Other tips include recording your fleeting idea, use all available technology – be it Wacom tablet, iPad, scanner or pen drawing. He also urged comic authors to build followings and audience on social media, to increase chance of being published. Yune admitted he’s not on social media himself when Story Of Books asked to follow him. He said: “I’ll never get any work done if I do.”


V&A at the MCM Comic Con

Hello, High Culture! The V&A team is exhibiting for the first time at MCM Comic Con London. Photo: © Story Of Books

High culture meets popular culture at the MCM Comic Con with the presence of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) as one of the exhibitors. The V&A is at MCM Comic Con to promote its digital games exhibition: “Videogames: Design / Play / Disrupt”.


Story Of Books at MCM Comic Con