We’re back at MCM Comic Con London. The May 2023 event is the place to spot the latest popular fictional characters in pop culture, and the most recent trends in the consumption of fiction and fantasy. To our surprise, the board game — a non-digital participatory multi-player format — is making a comeback. How’s that for user experience?

Heroes and villains

There’s no comic con without cosplays. These are some of the tributes to heroes and villains at the show. We spotted several Demon Slayer heroes and Super Mario mushroom people. And quite a few character from Attack on Titan.

The art of storytelling

We attended three talks on storytelling and publishing: Writing epic fantasy, Decolonising fantasy as a genre and The art of the comic book cover. In terms of quality, we think the content of the talks equals that of a high-brow literary workshop. Even better, the speakers and the audience were more chilled out. Another talk, All minds, all worlds: The psychological layers of ‘Everything, Everwhere, All At Once’, saw a group of psychologists giving us a deep reading on the psychological conditions identified in the Oscar-winning film. We shall keep you posted on that.

Non-digital play

Who would have thought that board games are surging in popularity? Maybe we’ve been living under a rock. Non-digital play is still a legit user experience. We also checked out the origami and manga workshops. All of these promote social cohesiveness, collaboration and mindfulness. Perhaps, after all those Zoom meetings during lockdown, people just want to hang out and play board games in person again.

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