Day 1 was quiet, more contemplative as we assessed the impact that Covid-19 had on the creative industry – and the creators. Alas, no time for sadness. We’ve got stories to tell and creators have got something to say, too.

Open Sesame!

We made to the first day of MCM Comic Con London 2021. Wahey! The first achievement was unlocked when we finally found the Press counter at the West Entrance. A pot of gold for that. Getting into the show is an adventure every year. Like getting into an Aladdin’s cave (maybe that’s an idea for the show: sign-posts positioned like a game’s achievement levels). However, we’re grateful for the help provided by the patient MCM Comic Con ground staff.

Friday vibe was a bit quiet in contrast with the following Saturday (very busy!), which was like a supernova. We took this opportunity the check out the Artist Alley. The artists’ space was greatly reduced due to social distancing and, understandably, reduced participation for various reasons. But we miss the creators a lot. So many questions to ask them. How have you been keeping during the lockdown? Did you get inspired to create something during isolation? What keeps you going? Truth to be told, our Story Of Books editors lost our writing and reading mojo for the most of 2020 due to illness.

The whole pandemic thing was too sad and depressing for the creators community. We had lost friends, colleagues and relatives. We had Covid! And fortunately survived. However, we feel a lot better by 2021, after our double vaccinations. So we’re back.

Meet the heroes

Creators are also entrepreneurs. They draw, they write, they perform, they sell, they negotiate – and they take entrepreneurial risks like business people do.

On the first day, we talked to four creators at the Artist Alley. All were happy to be there. All have a story to tell about how they got to the 2021 event.

We bought their books. We will provide you with more in-depth interviews with them in the coming months.

How to scare people

That was the title of the talk on horror writing, featuring authors Kim Newman, RA William, Tiffani Angus and Verity Holloway.

How to scare people: Horror authors on turning your blood cold provided audience with the insight into the framing of horror with history, the narrative structure of Western and Asian horrors and the concept of othering in the making of monsters.

More to come in our upcoming report on this panel.

Horror can be tied with horrific history, and Great Britain is a fertile ground for inspiration. But distancing in time is also crucial in horror. Too recent and the horror is too close for comfort, say esteemed our panellists. Photo: ©Story Of Books

We miss the book people

More so than the film and games exhibitors, although they are cool, too. Every year, we would check out the booths of the publishing houses, in particular that of Viz Media. The last haul we dragged home in 2019 was a box set of Tokyo Ghoul.

Our Creative Director, who finished reading Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:Re series during the lockdown, was looking forward to buy issue 10 of Yona of the Dawn, which she reported is sold out on Amazon.

Well, no hard copies of Yona of the Dawn. Maybe next year, when things hopefully improve.

Coming soon: Day 2 coverage. Saturday was a big hit!

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