Day 3 gets better. After Tom Sturridge, we have Michael Sheen. We also get to look again at indie creators and their books, and the various categories of collectibles on display.

Michael Sheens wows the audience

An event with Michael Sheen is nothing short of a masterclass for creatives. The award-winning actor amused his fans with stories of past works such as Twilight, Frost / Nixon, Underworld, Good Omens and so on. And he shared his opinion on why the arts industry should also be based outside London. More on this in our post-event coverage. But for now, we can tell you that Sheen has confirmed that Good Omens 2 will return in Summer 2023. By the way, do you know that Sheen plays Lucifer Morningstar in the Audible version of The Sandman? He didn’t mention during his event but we’re telling you now. Act III is out on Audible.

From the page to the screen to the Con

Day 3 provided us with the opportunity to discover ‘new’ creators and reconnect with those we’d met before. In 2019, Joseph Oliveira of AfterLight Comics sold us some copies including Volume 1 of Wendigo Wood. After that, the lockdown happened and we wondered what happens to the characters. Well, we will find out soon because we finally got to buy Volumes 2, 3 and 4.

We think all of the cosplayers are marvellous. But one impressed us in particular: the lady who cosplayed as the water nymph out of the Netflix animation series, Love, Death + Robots. That episode alone has won the series two Emmy awards for Best Animated Series and Best Animated Short Form. To see the character from Netflix walking around in flesh was quite an experience.

Creature comforts

Our Creative Director spotted a grown man patting a plushy toy tenderly at the show. No judgment, please. You can be whoever you want (within a healthy social convention) at MCM Comic Con. We will do a coverage on creature comforts spotted at the show. The Covid-19 lockdown was hard for everyone. Many were left on their own, or with a small circle of family – and their online streaming entertainment. Naturally, fans would gravitate towards a Tanjiro figurine, a BTS cushion or a bespoke game console. Our Creative Director will share her insight, as a designer, on what she thinks happens when we’re denied the tactile experience for a long stretch of time.

Winners and losers


  • Tom Sturridge, Michael Sheen and Mason Alexander Park. They said thank you to the sign language interpreters.
  • Own food on Saturday. We’d rather buy, but oh my gosh, the queue. Even the upmarket restaurant upstairs was crowded.
  • The organisers. Good crowd control. Given the Elizabeth Line scare, things were ok by the time we reached the event.
  • The sumo wrestlers on Saturday. Everyone loved them.
  • The indie creators who returned.
  • Parents and carers who brought their families along.
  • The MCM Comic Con app that sent event reminders straight to our Apple watches.


  • The Creative Director’s Doc Marten boots. Trainers are more merciful to one’s feet.
  • Elizabeth Line.

Story of Books at MCM Comic Con 2022