At MCM Comic Con, we saw fans living out the stories and books crossing over to screen, and vice versa. This is how all stories should be re-told.

We’ve covered high-brow book fairs, but MCM Comic Con has never ceased to fascinate us. Where else can you see an author engages seriously with a grown man carrying a plastic sword? Or a famous Creative Director like Tommy Yune explaining patiently to a young lad about his Robotech characters? What impressed us the most is the fandom.

We once asked author Andrew Weale and anthropologist Dr Richard Irvine how books should be enjoyed. Weale said he’d like us to dance when we read his book aloud. Irvine talked about lectio divina, about big holy books that should be read out loud, in measured pace. This is not silent reading. This is performative reading.

Looking again at the fans, we’re starting to get what Weale and Irvine are saying.

Story Of Books at MCM Comic Con

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