Graphic novels reviewed; Arthdal Chronicles to release webtoon spin-off in 2023; Tara Books celebrates three decades of publishing; Fusion Wayang Kulit celebrates independence day with shadow puppet viral.

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We’re now rolling out video reviews of the graphic novels we bought at MCM Comic Con 2023, and at Books Kinokuniya in Thailand and Japan this year. The titles reviewed are Winnebago Graveyard, Thunderchild: Issue One, The Districts of the Yokai, The Invisible Hand, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer #1 (Japanese edition) and many more.

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We’ve just finished reading Chainsawman #1, bought at Books Kinokuniya Bangkok. We’re also going through Osamu Tezuka’s Clockwork Apple, bought at the same bookshop. Hopefully, you’ll get to watch our video reviews on those, too.

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Tara Books celebrates 29th anniversary

Independent publisher Tara Books is still standing strong after 29 years. The newsletter released this week featured a special highlight on Tara Books’ staff, the people behind all those wonderfully illustrated print books.

We first got to know Tara Books when the publisher approached us to interview Gaby Franger for her book, Frida Folks.

Tara Books is holding a very special birthday sale soon. Book lovers will be informed about it in their future update.

The publisher’s aim is to keep the culture of the physical book alive and thriving in today’s world. Books published are shipped globally, with additional services offered such as book handling, pay for customs and taxes on online orders, as well as free shipping depending on the amount of orders.

Arthdal Chronicles webtoon arriving in 2023

Season 2 of the cult South Korean fantasy drama, Arthdal Chronicles, will hit the small screen this year. Also highly anticipated is the release of the online game and the webtoon spin-offs to accompany the second instalment.

The chronicles, set in a Bronze Age period, gained a huge following upon its release in 2019. It tells the story of the humans – the Sarams – who prey upon the Neanthals – a species of purple-blooded sapiens – and their human-mixed offspring, the Igutus. The Sarams claim that the Igutus bring bad luck.

Normally, we cover books that have been spun off films and TV series. The Arthdal Chronicles, however, is unique in the sense that the storytelling is so compelling that fans think it should be released as a fantasy book. To date, the series has inspired a slew of fan fictions on web platforms.

Season 1 of the Arthdal Chronicles is available on Netflix.

Shadow puppet goes viral for Malaysia’s Independence Day

Fusion Wayang Kulit, the Malaysian ensemble of performers who interpret Disney, Marvel and DC superheroes in a traditional shadow puppet setting, has been commissioned by Shopee online retailer to produce a campaign called “Pertama” (The First).

The viral video was produced to celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day on 31 August 2023. “Pertama” celebrates the first Malaysians of all races to achieve globally recognised accolades – the astronaut, the Nobel Prize winner, the Everest climber, the Oscar winner and many more. It also celebrates several of the country’s firsts, including Shopee, the online shopping platform that sponsored the promotional viral.

We got the head’s up from Tintoy Chuo, the founder of Fusion Wayang Kulit, who proudly announced that the voiceover was done by Mohammad Dain Othman, the “Tok Dalang” or the master puppeteer.

Congratulations, Fusion Wayang Kulit, for another first. Happy Independence Day!

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