2011 Team

Concept & Curation

Project Leader & Wordsmith – Salina Christmas, MSc Digital Anthropology (2011). Sojournposse

Creative Director – Zarina Holmes, MA Design. Sojournposse

Ebook Researcher – Kevin Biderman, MSc Digital Anthropology (2012)

The Crew

Juliano Spyer, MSc Digital Anthropology (2011)

Cosimo Lupo, MA Social Anthropology (2012)

Viphul Bhatti, London Love Is

Dominic Patmore, BSc Mathematics, Birkbeck University. The Pi Lifter

Lida Papamatthaiaki, MSc Digital Anthropology (2011)

Alisson Hissey, MSc Medical Anthropology (2011)


“Memory Loss” Photofilm


Hamish Low. Poet
& Janet Greco. Photographer

Guest Twitterer

Tina Remiz, BA (Hons) Photographic Arts, University of Westminster. Photographer


With the kind support of

Professor Susanne Kuechler, Head, Department of Anthropology
Dr Allen Abramson, Editor, UCL Anthro News
Diana Goforth, Administrator, Department of Anthropology
Martin O’Connor, Administrator, Department of Anthropology
Chris Haggisava, Technician, Department of Anthropology