Cookie Policy

Story Of Books (“We”) use cookies to improve your experience of our website. A cookie may help us to remember your name, for example, when you next come to visit. It helps us to personalise according to your needs and improve our performance.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a digital token. It is a text file that holds information that can be remembered by a web browser. When you surf from one webpage or website to the next, the internet browser you use will create cookies that are stored in your computer. It is like a bookmark. It helps the websites remember you the next time you return.

What cookies are not

Cookies are not programs. Cookies cannot contain viruses or other malicious software. They are made up of a string of text and numbers. We can assure you that before collecting any personally identifiable information we will be clear to you that we are doing it (see our Privacy Policy).

The types of cookies collected

  • Session cookies. They last during a single visit. They expire and don’t retain your details as soon as you close your web browser. These temporary cookies are then removed from your computer.
  • Persistent cookies. They are saved in your computer by your web browser even after you log out or close the browser. The purpose of this is so that the cookie remembers your visit to a website, or can memorise your details when you return log in or re-enter a web form. You can set the expire date of persistent cookies. Or you can clean your browser history to remove persistent cookies.

Why we use cookies

  • Session cookies: They temporarily identifies your details. Web analytics are able to see the number of visits, time and demographic using these cookies. We also use cookies to ensure that our website are reachable by you.
  • Persistent cookies: They are used to remember when a previous visitor returns to the website. This way, you can log out, or close your browser and come back to our website and still can log in using details a website memorises during your earlier visit. With these cookies, you can access our website without having to log in every time.

Who else capture cookies

Third parties such as advertising networks and providers of external services like web traffic analysis services. We have no control over this. These cookies are likely to be analytical/performance cookies or targeting cookies.

What to do if you don’t want cookies

Please update your web browser preferences or surf using incognito mode.

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