Unexpected closure of the Elizabeth line almost caused fans to miss The Sandman event. But they made it in time anyway, thanks to other TFL services and the organisers. And what other ways to chill out than to browse around for trinkets and paraphernalia?

Dreamers assemble to see The Endless at MCM Comic Con

This was the highlight we (and fans of The Dreaming) almost missed due to the ‘surprise’ closure of the Elizabeth Line on Saturday: Spotlight on The Sandman with Tom Sturridge and Mason Alexander Park. We all made it, anyway. Fans were delighted to hear Mason Alexander Park, who plays ‘Desire’, and Tom Sturridge, who plays his sibling, rival and the titular character, ‘Dream’ or The Sandman, discussing the Netflix adaption of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel. Like any Neil Gaiman’s book reading or event, the special guests were amazing, courteous and funny, and the audience receptive and mannerly. What can we say: it’s the Neil Gaiman crowd. More on this in our upcoming post-event coverage.

Merchants of dreams

Our focus on merchandise continues on Day 2, with highlights on categories dedicated to gifting and collectibles. We did ask the representatives of Citizen Watch UK if the special edition watches featured at MCM Comic Con will be in travel retail, namely airport duty free shops. No, they said, these, as far as they knew, are for the collectors.

We can also report that, in the figurine category, popular characters such as Nezuko of Demon Slayer, sold out quickly. We knew because the Creative Director had a look at the Bandai booth for her collection.

Creators and cosplayers bring the stories to life

Books, costumes, sumo wrestling… they’re all a part of this universe we inhabit called a story. We’ll tell you more about what Tom Sturridge thinks of the story’s role in making spirituality ‘material’ to us humans – but that’s for another report. Highlight: we spotted The Chainsaw Man, a product of the active imagination of Fujimoto Tatsuki and Studio Mappa.

Book-to-screen adaptations

This is what the show is about: how stories leap from the pages of writers and onto the screens. And how the fans translate them through their cosplaying.

Story of Books at MCM Comic Con 2022