Spring 2023 gives us a preview of the new summer releases in the pop culture calendar. Beyond the usual book-to-screen adaptations, we also spotted another type of brand extension: the board game.

Upcoming releases

We’re still halfway through viewing the winter 2022 and spring 2023 releases. It looks like we have more releases to look forward to in summer 2023.

Board games

They’ve been around for some time, but it looks like the appetite for non-digital, multiplayer, interactive format is in demand now that we want something more than ‘zoom’, ‘immersive’ and ‘digital’. User experience can be offline, too. We had a go at games such as Dead By Daylight, the wonderful Quixo, and we also checked out Rear Window — inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film — and E.T, based on the Steven Spielberg film.

Impressive cosplay

C-3PO really made our creative director’s day — she has a Citizen special edition C-3PO watch, that’s why. The cosplay we saw so far was very impressive. It couldn’t be that easy for cosplayers to walk around when it was so warm. Talk about commitment.

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