The Chainsaw Man on the cover of Nylon Japan, just when you stopped by for a short visit in Tokyo? What a coincidence. January 2023 was a happy month for us at Story Of Books.

Just before we returned to London, UK, we stopped by Tokyo, Japan, for a few days to check out a very famous bookshop, Books Kinokuniya.

It didn’t disappoint. We found February’s issue of Nylon at the basement floor, where the magazines are sold. On the cover: the Chainsaw Man. On the back cover: the Samurai Sword Man. This is an edition to celebrate the end of Season One of the hugely successful, if not highly disturbing, anime based on the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. This ended up in our shopping bag.

On the eighth floor, where the manga collections are located, we bought Jujutsu Kaisen Key Animation Volume I, the Kotoba manga industry journal, and the very first edition of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japanese.

Actually, we read in the news back in Malaysia that a Books Kinokuniya branch was opened in the capital city in 2022. The new branch at Suria KLCC, at the Petronas Twin Towers, made headlines. But since we were travelling to Tokyo anyway, we thought we’d visit the one in Shinjuku.

The poster at the Shinjuku store announcing the opening of the Kuala Lumpur branch at Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers. Photo: Story Of Books

We also swung by Harajuku, the fashion and pop culture mecca of Tokyo. Hm, yes. It’s like MCM Comic Con happens every day here. Lovely tats – and the shops are dangerous for your wallets. You’ve been warned.

Just another quirky shop in Harajuku. Thank you to our lovely friend for taking this photo.

No doubt we’re going to return to Japan with a lighter suitcase so we can haul back more books next time. But for now, we’re content with our latest acquisitions.

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After almost two years, Yona of the Dawn Volume 10 is available again for online purchase in the UK. Photo: Story Of Books

On another note, we also finally got to purchase the print copy of Yona of the Dawn Volume 10 in January 2023. It was a one-and-a-half years’ wait. That’s the pandemic for you.

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