The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike meant that actors couldn’t talk about their work at MCM Comic Con London October 2023. But never mind. We got to hear about their wholesome families and views on life instead.

Speakers’ corner

MCM Comic Con is the place where genre writers, directors and producers talk about their fantasy, horror or sci-fi works in front of genre fans. It’s not easy being grilled by pop culture fans and press, especially when many are affiliated with associations and unions of creative workers. But well done to those who came to talk at the October 2023 event. We’ll release the reports on the talks soon. Watch this space.

Tony Moy faces off Tyler Walpole

It was great to see a friendly watercolour face-off between Tony Moy and Tyler Walpole. Moy recently published a watercolour comic on a Japanese-American battalion during World War 2, The 4Forty2nd: The Lost Battalion. Walpole has illustrated for Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Bros and many other publications.

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